Für Frieden in Äthiopien!

In Äthiopien herrscht Krieg – leider befördert durch die Präsenz eritreischer Truppen.

Dagegen haben wir am 17.12.21 vor dem Rathaus protestiert – und werden das fortsetzen!

Wir fordern von der neuen deutschen Regierung:
Üben Sie diplomatischen Druck auf die eritreische Regierung aus, dass sie ihre Truppen aus Äthiopien abzieht!

Stefan Nadolny, Abraham Paulos und Mengs Hagos Gebreamlak vor dem Rathaus

~According to a report released by the United Nations Human Rights Office last month, there are serious violations and abuses, including unlawful killings and extra-judicial execution, torture, sexual and gender-based violence against civilians from Tigray, Amhara and Afar! We demand to stop all atrocities in Ethiopia!

~According to UNHRW the Ethiopian National Defence Force detained individuals, especially Tigrayans, in secret locations and military camps. Stop this inhumane act immediately. Stop the arrest and torture of innocent people in Ethiopia.

~The TPLF Army should withdraw from Amhara region. Let all the armed forces unload their weapons and resolve the issue peacefully.

~Reports indicate that the main reason for the escalation of the Ethiopian war is the presence of Eritrean troops in the country. This information is verified by many international organizations. Therefore, we call on the new German government to do its part to ensure that Eritrea withdraws its troops from Ethiopia immediately!

~Ethiopia is home to the historic Axum Monument, the Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches, the Fassilides Tower, and other natural and man-made historical attractions. Many of those are UNESCO-registered. These heritages are not only for Ethiopians but also for the peoples of the world. And stopping the war also means protecting these world heritage sites. We call on the new German government to do its part.

~It has been almost a year since the people of Tigray stopped accessing electricity, supply of fuel and goods. This is the ultimate goal of humanity to end this brutal oppression and suffering of civilians. It is appropriate to take international action against the federal government that is doing this.

Text: Zemenu Tenagne